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Visiting with a child. Every dinner party, family or children’s party becomes a big and exciting event for a child. Any other cases are conducive to leaving the kids at home, except for those events where a special program is planned for both adults and children after the official part. In addition, according to the rules of etiquette, you can only take children with you when the hosts have invited you along with them; in situations of extreme necessity, warn them about your visit in advance.

Do not neglect the child’s daily routine for the sake of visiting friends or relatives.if the child is used to sleeping during the day, then the ideal time for guests is in the morning or after a NAP. In a pleasant company, time flies quickly, but do not stay longer than three hours, so that the baby is not tired and does not throw a tantrum. If you go to visit in the afternoon, it will be better to return to the time when you start the traditional evening rituals.

Dress code

Before each appearance, it is important to think over the holiday dress code in advance, what the child will do at a party, familiarize the child with the basic rules of behavior in someone else’s house and the basics of politeness (how to greet guests, thank them, and state their requests), so it will be easier for him to adapt. If, for example, your daughter is going to a friend’s birthday party, you can lose the “tea party” situation: seat dolls and soft toys, treat them, say polite words. After the new outfit for the holiday is selected, ask the child to try it on, walk around the house in it, admire yourself in the mirror; this way, the child will get used to his image, and you will eliminate the shortcomings in it. Don’t forget to ask Chad if he is comfortable in a suit, if there is any discomfort.

Visiting with a child

When dressing your baby, keep in mind the following circumstance: the child due to age is not able to monitor the neatness of his clothes, and there will be many situations (at the table, during the game) when he will certainly get it dirty, so it is not superfluous to take a bib with him. Remember that the child should be dressed comfortably, but at the same time smartly.

Discuss with your child in advance what toys he will take with him (it is better to give preference to those with which you can work for a long time, for example, to collect and disassemble: a constructor, puzzles, books with colorful illustrations, drawing accessories will also be useful). The main task of the baby’s parents is to keep him constantly in sight, in order to know what he is doing at a certain time. It is disrespectful to the owners to shift the responsibility for looking after the child to them. Showing excessive attention to other people’s children, you thereby provoke jealousy in your child; and Vice versa, if you praise your child throughout the evening, the children of friends will be aggressive towards him. It is preferable to choose a neutral position and remain objective, both to your child and to the children of friends (relatives).

It is better to feed the children before attending the event and arrive already full, in this case, the kids will not abuse the little-use food from the “adult table”.

The basics of etiquette

If you know that there will be dances and competitions at the event that involve the possession of certain skills, be sure to help your child learn them, get knowledge that will definitely help him. It is not superfluous to tell the child the basics of etiquette: how to hold on, use Cutlery, why you can not talk with your mouth full.

Basics of etiquette for a child

Follow the rules of good manners, introduce the child to the owners who organized the holiday, with other children. When you come to visit, so that the baby gets used to it, arrange for him a small tour of an unfamiliar apartment: walk through the rooms together, look at interesting things, explain to the child what is allowed to touch, and what objects are forbidden to touch. The child must understand that other people’s things must be handled even more carefully than with their own, otherwise no one will trust them with their things anymore.


During your first trip to visit the baby may make mistakes, but this is not a big deal; and instead of reprimanding him, help him find a way out of a difficult situation. It is not appropriate to make excuses to the guests, apologize, and at the same time offend the child: “I always had him so clumsy.” Immediately, after an unpleasant incident, do not demand an apology from the baby: “Immediately tell your aunt that you are very sorry that this happened.” It is better to support the child, explain that this should not have happened, and at the same time, in any situation, stay on the side of your child, invite him to apologize together to those present (others will appreciate it). If your child forgot to thank you or say Hello, feel free to do it for him.

A child in a new situation

When going to visit friends and relatives, also explain to the child how to behave in a new situation, but with familiar people. Upon arrival, send the baby to other children, or introduce him to all the guests (he will only have to say Hello). Do not be surprised that the child may suddenly refuse to say Hello and even communicate with guests, his behavior may be affected by your ambiguous attitude to these people, statements of hostility towards them in the presence of the child.

Visiting public places

Being in a public place, children get an experience of social adaptation; the main thing is that parents teach their child to correct behavior from an early age (such rules can be learned in a game, while walking). The main idea that is important for family and friends to convey to the child is a respectful, friendly attitude to others. Being in a public place, the child will pay close attention, and make strict requirements. Parents will expect their children to demonstrate exemplary behavior and impeccable manners. It is not surprising that when parents receive a negative assessment from strangers, moms and dads begin to react sharply to some of the child’s missteps. This is highly undesirable. When you go somewhere with your child, explain to them in an accessible form: what institution you are going to visit today, and what others will expect from it.

Dad and child go to visit

The child should not be in a difficult position, just because you are in favor of public opinion will start to demand from him what he is not accustomed to. The only thing you can ask your child is to show politeness and remain calm in any situation. The best way to instill good manners in children is to constantly show them a worthy example; by imitating you, children will be able to put into practice the learned rules of decency. If the parents ask the child and at the same time often utter polite words themselves, then the baby will perceive them as the norm, as a result, they will not have to be taught specifically. Always explain to your child why you, for example, gave an old woman a seat on public transport, threw candy wrappers in the trash. Do not give indulgences when you do not follow the rules; it will be quite difficult for you to instill the rules of etiquette at an older age, if in early childhood the child will neglect them (try to remind them as often as possible).

When do you receive guests

It is preferable for parents to send the child to his grandmother: with an overnight stay or only for the evening on which you have planned to receive guests. In the absence of such an opportunity, develop a menu for the child, leisure, free up one room where he can play, draw or watch a cartoon. Ask a nanny or relative to look after the baby during this time. There is no need for children to be present at the festival from the beginning to the end, you can let them go for a walk in the yard, but only under the supervision of one adult.

When inviting guests with children, consider several points: where they will play, how to organize a place for creative activities (drawing, modeling), what to include in the entertainment program, which sharp and breakable objects should be removed from sight. The children’s menu should be agreed in advance with the parents, so you will avoid unpleasant situations when the baby has an allergic reaction to any product.

Funny child

Guests can Express a desire to get acquainted with the child or give a gift. The baby should know how to behave in such a situation, how to thank the donor. Hints that “one chocolate bar didn’t seem enough” or “I didn’t like the gift”are undesirable. It is not necessary to introduce children to guests during official receptions. Invite your child to invite the children to their children’s room.

The presence of guests is not a reason to force the child to recite poems, play a musical instrument, show certificates and awards. You can invite guests to evaluate the performance of the child, if they themselves Express a desire or independently prepare a creative number, which they will discuss with their parents in advance.

The festive dinner may be delayed, but the child must go to bed in time, but the hostess of the evening (the baby’s mother) can not leave her guests alone for a long time, so it is better if the baby’s nanny or dad reads the fairy tale before going to bed.

The child should be hospitable, this should be taught by adults, and it is important to respect their right to personal space and their borders. So, it is better to ask the child about the toys that they are ready to share for joint games with other children who have come to your house (especially valuable items should be put away).