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Adoption Foster Care

The motives for taking a child from the home of a baby y potential parents are different. Childless couples or families with children often make decisions about adoption or foster care. To give a child a childhood, to change his fate for the bettera good thing. It would be so simple if it were not for the complexity and duration of the adoption procedure. Parents should be patient, collect a lot of documents, prove to the guardianship authorities their sincere will, true intentions for the proper upbringing of the child in love and care for him.

Passes the adoption procedure, who can count on a favorable outcome of the case, take a child from the baby’s home in Moscow and what can be learned from the stories of ordinary people who have become foster parents, we will consider in more detail in this article.

Adopt a baby from a baby’s home? If the decision is made consciously and with the understanding that the baby is not a toy, needs love, care, and comfortable living conditions, first of all, you need to visit the baby’s chosen home. Meeting with the children will encourage you to make a better choice, the mother’s heart will quickly tell you which of the children is yours.

Of course, you will not be able to warm all the children at once, but you can make your childhood more joyful for at least one of them. Important! What parents should remember when they want to adopt: to Accept a child into the family as it is, to put pressure on the baby, to subordinate it to their will is impossible. Tune in psychologically to the reception of a new man in the family, talk about it with existing children. The child should not be deprived, grow up with a sense of outsider with new parents. To talk about this topic with your relatives, with their negative attitude, it will be extremely difficult for the baby to adapt to the new conditions.

In no case can you injure the child’s psyche, scream, beat the baby. At an early age, children are susceptible, can be offended about anything. Before adoption, parents are recommended to pass some psychological tests, listen to lectures at the family school. Check the baby’s health status, the absence of severe hereditary diseases, so that in the future it does not become a surprise for you and a reason to give the child back.

Ask the guardianship authorities to inform you about the baby’s biological parents. What happened to them, did they have significant bad habits, did they have a criminal record for what reason they were deprived of their parental rights? Evaluate your financial capabilities, the material wellbeing of the baby is no less important condition, love and care. The child should not need food, clothing, or toys. And finally, if you make a firm decision, visit the baby’s house, look at the kids. To collect documents, you need to contact the juvenile Affairs service, ask about the list of necessary documents, and collect certificates.

Who can be an adoptive parent?

You can only become an adoptive parent with an impeccable reputation, without having a criminal record, disability, or serious chronic diseases. The state takes care of children and, of course, will not hand anyone over to unreliable hands. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, an adoptive parent can become: a mentally healthy and balanced parent is at least 21 years old; the age limit is lowered if the baby is a relative of the adopted child; married couples who are in an official or civil marriage; parents who are at least 15 years older than the baby; when a child is adopted by one of the parents, the other must give consent in writing, notarized; the mother, single father, after adoption receive a new status and benefits provided by the state. Our legislation allows single parents to adopt a baby.

But, practice has shown that it is very difficult to do this, even if you have a good job, impeccable living conditions. The guardianship authorities are most picky about mothers and single fathers, although by law it does not matter whether you are married or not, you have every right to become a parent. Choosing a child is Difficult, anything to advise on choosing a baby.

The mother’s heart should tell you what kind of child should be ee, while eye color, nationality, and possible deviations in health and development do not matter much. As an advice, you can only recommend choosing according to your heart. If you take a sick child, it is important to understand that the payments due are not all for adoption. It is unacceptable to seek your own personal benefit, but to cure the baby, put it on its feet, give your love and affection is worth a lot, although in practice many parents are not ready for adoption psychologically.

After a while, they are disappointed in the choice of the baby. A child is not a thing, remember this always, starting with the first visit to the baby’s Home.