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Measles in Children

What is Measles, symptoms of measles in children, how the measles virus occurs in children. Measles is an acute infectious disease characterized by fever, catarrhal phenomena from the upper respiratory tract (cough, runny nose , hoarseness of the voice), inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth and the appearance of a red large-spotted […]

Rubella in Children

Rubella is an acute infectious disease .About 150 years ago, it was generally considered a mild measles.   Rubella in children is contagious, and there are also rashes, runny nose, and fever. But somehow not really: the body temperature is not very high, the rash is pale and slim, his eyes were red a little, […]

Enuresis. Sensitive topic

Enuresis. Sensitive topic.  What parents of children with enuresis need to know Enuresis is nighttime urinary incontinence. Often parents complain that the child suffers from nighttime urinary incontinence.. It is based on the loss of the conditioned reflex, which consists in waking up from sleep in response to the urge to urinate. In preschool children, […]